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55t Liebherr lifting unusual pool in Bacchus Marsh

We lift a lot of pools around Melton and Bacchus March.  This is the first time we've seen a pool made from a shipping container!
Bacchus March Crane Pool

Our New MAC 25t Franna has arrived!

Hot off the Brisbane assembly line....
Melton Franna

Dual Lifting Over Dimensional Silos in Bacchus Marsh

Over the Christmas shutdown, 6 of these large silos were loaded and shipped out.  They weighed 18t and were 20m long by 4.5m diameter.  The silos were transported overnight and erected in Port Melbourne.

Melton Cranes

55t Liebherr Crane at Melton Aged Care

Our 55 tonne Liebherr has be busy helping construct Aged Care Centres in Melton and Bacchus Marsh this year.   Bondeck and brick cages have been popular!

Melton Franna Cranes


40t Crane Preparing To Lift Modular Buildings

We set our 40t all terrain crane up on the side of a mountain in Toolen Vale.  There had been a lot of rain and the ground was very slippery.  To help with traction we laid out rolls of old carpet.  It worked well and the building was installed without a hitch.

toolen vale crane hire


Franna Crane Erecting Steel in Bacchus Marsh

Steep slopes in the Darley area make building sites challenging.  Our franna made quick and simple work of erecting this steel to a new home.

Bacchus Marsh Franna Crane


Helping the CFA - Crane Hire in Exford

Requiring a bridge near Eyensbury, Melton Crane Hire placed bridge beams to form a CFA track. The beams had to be lifted over the tree canopy, so some tough crane gear and comprehensive planning was required.